Well it had been awhile since I have posted, but thought I would share an update. I saw my surgeon this past Wednesday for what wasn’t really a pre scheduled appointment. To make a long story short, my primary physician put me on an antibiotic because I had an over sized lymph node. The goal was that the antibiotic would take care of it and I would be done. The antibiotic helped but didn’t completely take away the problem. I had a scope done this past Wednesday that showed excessive scar tissue. I have also been experiencing a catching sensation when I swallow which has been very irritating. I don’t feel that it has been an issue with eating or drinking but just swallowing in general. So, from there, I have to get a video speech/swallow study done this coming Friday. I don’t really want to do it, but I was told I need to. It’s just very odd that I never had this feeling before and now all the sudden it is driving me nuts. I’ll be curious to see what they say.

 From there, I have my scans and ultra sound on Monday March 31st along with blood work. Then, that Thursday April 3rd, I will go see my endocrinologist for the results of everything. 

It seemed so far away before and now it’s taking forever to get here! It has been on my mind a lot lately and I think I’m just anxious to be done. I’ve thought of what I believe to be all the possible results many many times, not because I want to, but simply because I can’t be blind sided by the news like when I was diagnosed and after my initial scans. I did the “think positive” so much so that when the news wasn’t positive I didn’t know what to do. It took me months to get out of a “funk” as I called it, and while I always tried my best to keep it to myself, it was very difficult. It made me angry at times, I shut people out, I was moody, it was very hard. Running and joining a gym has helped a lot. There is just something about working out that clears your mind and helps take away the stress of the day. 

Anyways, while things have been better, I am finding myself getting a little antsy over the upcoming appointments, but that should be natural right?? Whatever the results, I will never let it define who I am! And to be honest, I will be absolutely overjoyed with good test results, but I will never forget about it. Cancer will be in my mind forever. Everyday I take my medicine is a reminder, or go to do blood work. The weeks leading up to future scans and tests I’m sure will not be easy. This truly is a lifelong process, but not a life sentence!

Love to you all until next time!