The title may be misleading, so let me preface this by saying I’m not a runner. I’m not good at running and I’m sure at times, I look like I’m going to die. There is something about it that can’t quite explain though. I started this 30 day Spartan challenge a week ago (thanks Sarah for telling me about it!), and it has been such a positive for me. Basically, you run, walk,  or run/walk 1 mile a day for 30 days in a row. I’ll be honest and as much as I hate to admit it, I had not done a single ounce of exercise since I was diagnosed with cancer back in June. I wanted to get back into something to be active again, but I didn’t know what and my mindset was just not where it needed to be. I decided, hey why not I’ll try this whole mile a day thing.

I’m amazed at how just 1 week of getting on the treadmill has totally helped me mentally! It’s in those 15-20 minutes or so that I truly just forget everything that is going on and zone out. For that short time I feel like myself again which I didn’t know how I would get that feeling back. Call it a runners high or whatever you would like, but it gives me the release I need from life everyday. I’ve had a couple days where I just needed to get away where my mind is racing or I just haven’t felt well, and every time, I have ended up on that treadmill. Maybe it is because I can control every aspect of each run; How far, how fast, and how long. There’s not a lot of things we can control in life and I’ve never liked that. In fact, it has been even harder since June because there is absolutely no control over my body. It’s very difficult to sit and wait and hope everything turns out ok in the end. I believe it will and to give my mind a break in the mean time, I will keep running! 

Just quick update while I’m writing. I saw my surgeon last month and he said I have scar tissue forming on my vocal chords, so I need to be careful with the amount of talking I do and I also advised not to scream, shout, or talk loudly. That has been going so so, but I am trying! Blood work is next up on my list of things to do, a week from this Monday, to see if my TSH level is coming down. The doctor wants it at or below a .5 and last check was a 5. something. My dose was increased to 226 from 200 and I’m not sure if I am where I need to be yet. My next scan and ultra sound date has been set for March 31st with the follow up and results visit on April 3rd! Nervous and excited all at the same time, I’ve already been waiting 3 months so what’s a couple more. Those are the immediate next steps and so for now I run, and carry on with my life!

Love to you all until next time!