Well it’s been a couple weeks and I delayed posting because I wanted my next post to be my happy ending after my scan that am cancer free.  Unfortunately my scans didn’t go according to plan and while I’ve tried to put on a front that everything is fine,  the scans showed that I still have cancerous cells located in the thyroid bed on the residual thyroid tissue. The radiation I did is still working and has isolated the 2 locations where the cells are located and it could take months for the radiation to run is course and (hopefully) kill the remaining cancer cells before they spread anywhere else.  As of right now they have not spread to any other areas which is good news. I will go back in about 6 months to get the scans done again to see if the radiation has worked or I have to do a larger radiation dose.  It has been very frustrating to hold on to the news, but I really wanted everything to just go away and be able to post that everything is good to go, but apparently someone has other plans for me. I try to hide it but it seems like I have had more bad days than good recently. I’m always working on the positive thoughts but mentally and physically it is starting to wear on me. For now, I keep doing what I’m doing and pay that everything turns out ok in the long run. 6 months is a long time to wait and I’m sure it will be filled with many more ups and downs, but I realized that I can always rely on my friends and family as a support system. I also realized that it is ok to tell people how I am really feeling as opposed to just saying “I’m doing good” when that is really not how I feel. 

I see a new endocrinologist the first week of November to do blood work and probably adjust my medication, and I also go back to my surgeon for another follow up at the end of this month to make sure everything with my vocal chords is still good and everything is healing as it should.

The journey continues,  thanks again for the continued support and prayers!

Love to you all!!