Today I took my next step further in the process. I met with my radiation oncologist and my official start date to the radioactive iodine treatment is September 23rd. Once again, lots of information given that was both helpful and nerve wracking.

This next step of the journey will actually begin on September 9th when I will have to go off my thyroid medication until after radiation is complete. The doctor basically said that during this time it will feel like I have the flu because the medicine controls my body’s metabolism and by not having it in my system they are purposefully putting me into hypothyroidism which apparently is a lot of fun (NOT). I will also have to go on an iodine restricted diet for that time as well. I’ve read over the foods allowed and foods not allowed list and while it will be challenging, I can definitely do it, which is a good thing I guess because I don’t really have a choice in the matter! There will be some tough parts to it though, for example, no dairy and no seafood. Those will be the toughest but there are a bunch of other restrictions too, like no more than 1, 6oz serving of meat a day or 2, 3oz servings,  then there is only 2 servings of bread a day which equals 2 pieces of bread total, no egg yoke only egg whites, no frozen vegetables, only fresh, same with fruit. It has some other quirks but that is the jist of the diet, and when in doubt don’t eat it. 

While going through the first 2 weeks I will still be working and I know it is going to be physically and mentally trying, but I will get through knowing that I will be on my way to being cancer free! The only other thing I will have to do before the actual radiation is blood work on the 18th of September to make sure my levels are completely out of whack so they can then proceed with radiation on the 23rd.

On the 23rd, I will have to drive out to Evanston,  take a pill,  wait around there and go over things for about an hour, then I can head home to my bedroom for 8 days of quarantine. It will be boring and I’m already talking suggestions of how to keep entertained. Not sure how this part will go, but I’ll trade in the 8 days as opposed to the rest of my life.

I know it has been a while since I last posted, I was just trying to get situated with work starting back up. It’s been going ok for the most part. I have had some bad days, some good days, and some bad parts of otherwise good days. I know it will take time, but let’s face it I’m impatient. I want to be back to normal ready to go and while I may put on a good face and try my best, I’m not quite to where I want to be yet. That is kind of how I feel about my scar as well, people think it looks great and it’s just not where I would like it to be right now. Just gotta be patient though, that’s what I am told and I am trying very best!

Thanks for the continued support and prayers, I know that next month could be a very trying time for me, but I’m gonna go at it had on and hope for the best! I’ve never been one to back down from a fight and I don’t see that changing anytime soon 🙂

Love to you all, until tomorrow!