Today was my first real day on the synthroid and not sure if it was the medicine or something else, but for about an hour I felt real sick today. I got super hot and dizzy and it felt like some one put eat muffs on my head. My heart started racing and I felt like I was going to pass out but I managed to lay down for a couple hours and get over it. 

Other than that, today was an ok day.  While my neck has become more swollen and stiff, my throat is actually better today than it was. I have this cough going on right now though that is more annoying than anything. I was able to eat a little more though so that was a good thing. 

Going to head to bed early tonight and try again with the medicine tomorrow. Hopefully it will become easier the more I take it and tomorrow is a new day for that! 

Love to you all, until tomorrow!