Well it’s the night before surgery and I’m sure even with the sleeping pill I won’t be doing much sleeping. The details are that I have to be at Evanston hospital at 1030 and the surgery is scheduled for 1215 with an end time of 330. Then it is in recovery until 430 and hopefully in a room by 5. All I know is is going to be long day with probably no food. 

I’m nervous, I’m scared, I’ll be eventually relieved when it is out, but it’s a lot of different emotions running in every which direction. I’ve had plenty of surgeries before, 5 knee surgeries and a gall bladder, but none of them terrify me more than tomorrow. It’s a feeling I can’t explain, but one that is so powerful it consumes my every thought. I’m not worried that something is not going to go okay, I’m worried with how invasive the procedure is.

The thought of going into surgery feeling relative fine and then coming out to a however long recovery process when all is said and done is just crazy to me. I know the one step at a time, but this is truly my first major step to beating this thing out of my body. 

This is the time more than ever if you all could please think good thoughts and send positive vibes my way it would be greatly appreciated. It will be a very long and trying day and I pray that I have the strength to tackle it had on. Thank you everyone again for the prayers and support, please keep them coming. I will update you all as soon as I am able to. 

 Love you all, until tomorrow!