This is a warning this is a long post (sorry, lots to write)!

Talk about going from a super high to a low in the span of 2 days, woah! So I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday but as a lot of you probably already know, I’m on the books for surgery July 18th! That was such an incredible relief to know I have a date set now to get this thing out of me.

As far as the actual time of surgery, I won’t know that until the day before. I believe she said I will either be the first case at 730 am or the second case at 1215pm. The surgery is scheduled for 3+ hours which will be the longest surgery I’ve ever had. Knees and gall bladder removal at most were 1.5 hours. Then I will have to stay overnight for observation and make sure all my levels are regulated. I’m not looking forward to the surgery, but I am looking forward to being able to get rid of some of the mental anxiety by them taking this thing out!

Speaking of anxiety, that brings us to today. I had scheduled my pre-op apt at my regular doctor thinking everything could be done there. It was kind of weird to me that I just had my physical and yet I had to go back for another one. Turns out from the date I had may physical to the surgery date is 34 days and its mandated that the physical be within 30 days. Stupid yes, and my doctor thought so as well. So we ended up talking the whole appointment about, truthfully, what to expect after surgery.

Basically, it could be a rough couple weeks. She said that because of the size of the tumor, I may be a little bit more sore and stiff than others just because of the larger area they have to cut and cauterize. This is all understandable and never once did I think it would be pleasant, but she also said the synthroid dose that I will be taking for the first 2 weeks is so amped up that it could make me feel sick which is something I’m not looking forward to. There were some other things we went over as well that is just going to have to be monitored on a day to day basis , but I’m hopeful everything will work out ok. She also decided that my anxiety is way high right now, which she said was understandable, but so she gave me some drug that is supposed to shut off my mind and hopefully allow me to sleep a bit so I can be rested for surgery. My doctor hugged me before I left and said, “everything will be ok, good luck with your surgery, and we will get through this together”. Yep, you guessed it, cue the waterworks! It just made me feel so incredibly lucky to have a doctor that I truly feel cares, it’s an amazing feeling.

Anyways, after an emotional afternoon thinking at work, a friend sent my something that fits so perfectly right now, “some of life’s best lessons are learned at the worst times”. It just stuck with me, and I realized that through all of this, I’m learning so much about the power of prayer and support, and how humbling it is to read messages from you guys everyday! It truly makes a difference, and this saying alone turned the afternoon around. I went to the hospital so they could take blood for what seemed like Dracula and his whole family, and then I was done for the day.

The countdown to surgery has now started, but I have comfort knowing so many people are behind me. 

Love to you all, until tomorrow!