Well another day has come and gone. Today was definitely better than yesterday, but I’m hoping tomorrow will be even better. I am hoping that July 18th goes from a “tentative” surgery date to an actual surgery date. I was told by the surgery scheduler that if I don’t hear from her by 10 am tomorrow that I should give her a call. You better believe that if I don’t hear from her, the phone will be in my hand with the number dialed at 9:59!

i think that has been part of my deal lately is I am by no means looking forward to the surgery, but I just want to get this tumor out already. I can feel it every time I swallow and I see it when I look in a mirror. For the tentative to turn to an official date would be one less thing I have to worry about! I was tempted to call today and pretend like I didn’t know what day she told me to call, but then I thought better of it because if she still didn’t have and answer I would have been more anxious than I already am about it.

So please, lots of prayers and positive vibes that July 18th will become official! I need to keep the process moving along and these long waiting periods do not help.

That is all I have for tonight, but I hope to come back tomorrow with some good news!

Love to you all, until tomorrow!