It’s been a couple days since I posted, but this 4 day weekend was AMAZING and much needed! I mean who doesn’t love a long weekend? To be honest though, I wasn’t sure how it would go with being off from coaching off from coaching softball this weekend. I can honestly say the last 4 days were a sort of mini stay cation in which I tried to think as little as possible about anything medical.

The 4th of July was fun with both family and friends over to enjoy the company with. We grilled out and did some swimming, but the best part was I could enjoy myself without having to worry about doctor’s appointments or test results. The thought that cancer is still with me creeps into my mind at random times, but I’ve learned this weekend to not let it change who I am or what I want to do. I laughed a lot this weekend and hung out with some pretty amazing people. I don’t think I can put into words how important it was, from a mental aspect, just to be able to get out and have fun with the people closest to me.

Next step, as I believe I mentioned before, is surgery which is tentatively scheduled for the 18th of this month. I say tentatively because I won’t find out for sure until the 11th (this Thursday). All of my surgeon’s operating days were already filled for the month of July so they have put in a request with the hospital to open up an operating room on a day my surgeon normal does not operate. They are hopeful that this day will work as they have 2 other patients which they would be trying to fit in on the same day to make a full day as opposed to just opening an operating room for only 1 surgery. The date is getting closer, but I am sure it will feel a lot more real once it actually becomes an official date.

So I guess technically the waiting continues, but hopefully during that time I can remain as stress free as possible. Tomorrow should be an interesting day as I will have to call and set up short term disability through work once this process of surgery and radiation begin. I have already let that process stress me out before, but am going to do my best to keep an open mind and let things fall into place which ever way they need to.

Until tomorrow, love to you all!