Wow! What a crazy, awesome day! Granted it took until 5pm to make it an awesome day, but it was well worth the wait. So to catch you up to speed, my surgeon finally heard back from the second radiologist that my one lymph node that originally presented as “abnormal” was in fact too small for that classification. Basically your lymph nodes should show up as oval shaped and have a fatty mass all around each one. Well, this lymph node presented itself as a circular node with no definitive fatty mass spotted. Those 2 things combined together required a second look, but because the node was so small it was deemed as regular!
I know it sounds minor, but it is actually huge. If cancer at any point spreads to your lymph nodes, it then has the ability to spread anywhere else in your body. So this was caught early enough that hopefully when they remove my thyroid with the tumor inside, and then I do the radiation treatment, the cancer cells should be completely removed from my body! I’m not there yet, in fact I know I still have quite the road ahead of me, but at least I finally have a feeling of what I am up against.
Another test I had done yesterday which I failed to mention was a TSH level test. This was simply a blood draw that tested if my thyroid was functioning properly or if it was producing too much or too little hormone. The test came back completely normal which I actually read that people with thyroid cancer tend to have normal TSH levels. What this means is that I have a perfectly functioning thyroid that will need to be completely removed because of the malignant tumor. Still seems weird how that works and how I will now have to be on medicine the rest of my life to compensate for what I will be losing with the removal of my thyroid.
All in all though, it was a great day! That waiting game is over and I can now move on with the next phase which should be the actual surgery itself in 2 weeks. I’m sure between now and then my mind will wander a bit, but I am going to try not to steer too far from the faith and support you have all shown me. I would be lying if I didn’t say I was super nervous for what lies ahead, but I know I have some amazing people behind me that makes me confident to tackle this head on. But, for now, it is all happy thoughts that fill my mind and I can’t help but smile just a little 🙂
Love to you all until tomorrow!